Today $100 can buy: 100 tacos, an iPod shuffle, a pair of Nikes. But can it do more? Can YOU do more

Fall 2014 Winners

$2500 | Changing the World One Blanket at a Time


Mead High School students spent their $100 at Joann Fabrics on materials to make tie-blankets. Next, they donated the blankets to the Hutton Settlement to spread warmth and show the resident foster children they care.

$1500 | Kranes for Kids


These kids created paper cranes out of dollar bills, sold them for 3 dollars each, and used the funds to buy sweaters and sweatshirts for foster kids who need them.

$1000 | Literacy Heroes


Believing third grade to be extremely important in a child’s educational development, these “Literacy Heroes” visited third grade students at Dalton Elementary School to help improve their reading skills

Here is the challenge:

take $100 and actually
DO something with it.

Start a movement • Launch an innovation • Brighten a life • Change the world