Today $100 can buy: 100 tacos, an iPod shuffle, a pair of Nikes. But can it do more? Can YOU do more

Here is the challenge:

take $100 and actually
DO something with it.

Congratulations to our past winners!

You watched the videos, weighed the outcomes and cast more than 1,600 votes, selecting last year’s top three teams:

1st place: SHS Interact (Sandpoint HS) – $2,500

2nd place: Kindness in a Bag (Rogers HS) – $1,500

3rd place: Team Snuggle (Dishman Hills HS) – $1,000

Thank you to the additional finalist teams for their participation:

A Walk in the Park (Freeman HS)
Be Bold (Riverpoint Academy)
Cinema Girls (Mt. Spokane HS)
Education Station (Mt. Spokane HS)
Pet Providers (Medical Lake HS)

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